How to download all files OR Attactchments from Salesforce?

It’s always a tedious task to extract attachments or files from Salesforce. There are times, when you want to move files and attachments from one org to another.
Also, Files OR Attachments need to be stored for backup purposes. 

There are several ways you can backup your files from Salesforce.

Data Export feature of salesforce.

To use this feature you can navigate to Data Export then choose the files and attachments. Once expoert is completed, it will generate a link and  email will be sent to you contain that link. By clicking this link you can download Files and Attachments.
This feature is not suitable when you have to download only chunks of files OR Attachments, let’s say you want to export only Files OR attachments realated to Account only.

Third party tools

Third party tools are better when it comes to deal with Salesforce Files or Attachments. You can use SFDC File exporter to export Files OR Attachments in its original format.


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