Frequently Asked Questions

No, You need not to have Data Loader installed on your system. SFDC File exporter works independently of data Loader.

It’s a tool to extract salesforce files, Attachments etc. in its original format

“You must have JDK 1.8 installed on your system. As of now, SFDC File Exporter is available for windows only.”

Yes, you need to be a API user in order to use this App.

We recommend you to use ‘System Administrator’ user to avoid any issues.

Yes, you can extract the files in its original format. You need to choose ‘Real Attachment Names’ as attachment name.

Yes, you can extract attachments for specific Objects too. You need to specify ‘WHERE parent.type=’Account’ if you want to extract the attachment only for accounts, same goes for other objects too.

If you have installed the app in ‘Program files’ OR ‘Program Files(X86)’ directory, then generally this problem happens. You can right click and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ to overcome this problem

“yes, SFDC File Exporter is available for Windows now.