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SFDC File Exporter Customization

Is SFDC File Exporter not fitting as per your requirement. No problem, we have a good news for you!

SFDC File Exporter can be customized as per your business need. Just Contact us, we will check the feasibility of your requirement and will contact you back ASAP.

Data Migration Services

Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another. Data migration becomes crucial when the project has to be completed in tight deadline.

Expertise is needed in order to move the data in correct sequence while maintaining the correct format. It can be a hectic if data is imported incorrectly, as whole set of data needs to be updated again.

How can we help in Data migration?

We have extensive expertise in Data Migration. Our team can help to migrate complex data from/to Salesforce to other system while maintaining the relationship between the objects.


Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce implementation can be broadly categorize into to category –

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce customization refers to the process of modifying generic Salesforce process to specific process as per your business need, without writing any code.

Salesforce comes with lot of customization options, make it easier to adopt the Salesforce instance as per your need.

We have extensive expertise in User Management, Process Automation using Process builder & Flows, Records visibility & sharing, Permission Sets, Validation Rules, Custom & Standard object setups.


SFDC File Exporter- Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Custom Development

Salesforce custom development comes into picture when there is no out of the box feature available to achieve the specific requirement via point and click.

How can we help in Salesforce custom development?

We have extensive expertise in developing custom features which are not possible out of the box. We cover Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Field Service Lightning | FSL Salesforce clouds.

We also have expertise in Integration Salesforce with other systems like, SAP, Workday etc.

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