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0000002SFDC File Exporter[All Projects] SFDC File Exporterpublic2019-06-22 14:39
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Summary0000002: Read CSV ContentVersion not working
DescriptionI am using a csv list. It appears to communicate with SF and find the records from the list. GUI shows Error count instead of success. The final step of converting the Base64 does not appear to be working. My directory has a list of files with no content.

When I manually add the list to the soql query, it works without issue.

SELECT Id, ContentDocumentId, IsLatest, ContentUrl, VersionNumber, Title, Description, ReasonForChange, SharingOption, PathOnClient, RatingCount, IsDeleted, ContentModifiedDate, ContentModifiedById, PositiveRatingCount, NegativeRatingCount, FeaturedContentBoost, FeaturedContentDate, OwnerId, CreatedById, CreatedDate, LastModifiedById, LastModifiedDate, SystemModstamp, TagCsv, FileType, PublishStatus, VersionData, ContentSize, FileExtension, FirstPublishLocationId, Origin, ContentLocation, TextPreview, ExternalDocumentInfo1, ExternalDocumentInfo2, ExternalDataSourceId, Checksum, IsMajorVersion, IsAssetEnabled, LEXMAGICMOVER__LegacyNoteConvertedDate__c, LEXMAGICMOVER__LegacyNoteConvertedId__c, LEXMAGICMOVER__LegacyNoteConvertedLastModifiedDate__c, LEXMAGICMOVER__LegacyNoteConvertedOwnerId__c, LEXMAGICMOVER__LegacyNoteConvertedParentId__c FROM ContentVersion Where Id IN('0680L000005OeqfQAC','0680L000005Oo2OQAS')
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