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0000019SFDC File Exporter[All Projects] SFDC File Exporterpublic2020-01-02 08:56
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Summary0000019: Extracting Content Files Fails every time
DescriptionI'm testing with just 3 files but exporter fails to to export and there is no output file generated in the output directory as to what the errors are. Window prompt that shows status, total records, etc. shows Error 3.
Steps To ReproduceI am testing with my full sandbox. I've tested the connection and it works fine but the file exporter is not exporting the files.
Additional InformationPlease email me at or call 205-529-2359 so I can walk thru the steps.
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2019-12-16 16:06


Error prompt.png (37,429 bytes)
Error prompt.png (37,429 bytes)


2020-01-02 08:56

reporter   ~0000006

Have you resolved this? I am encountering the same issue. I have extracted some actual files.

However, when I upload files in the record by using upload files button, I am not able to extract actual files, only the csv

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