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Summary0000010: Error on the click of "Validate product Key"
DescriptionError on the click of "Validate product Key".SS attached
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2019-09-25 19:50

administrator   ~0000003

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Hi @Aditi,
I have deleted the attached attachment because I think, it's your internal communication and should not be disclosed to others.
I had a look to the attached email, and I got to know that your are facing problem while validating the key-

Below are the possible solution you may try -
1. Make sure you have jre version 1.8.0 or higher installed on your PC.
2. If you are accessing this app behind the proxy, then make sure you have entered proxy details before validating the product key(see proxySetUp.PNG ).
3. If step 2 doesn't work, then try to connect to network which does not have firewalls/proxies.

if you still face any issues, please drop us an email on

I hope this helps.

Sfdc file exporter Admin

ProxySetUp.PNG (189,498 bytes)
ProxySetUp.PNG (189,498 bytes)


2019-11-01 10:23    private

reporter   ~0000005

Hi there

You added a 6 month extension to my email following this issue however I am experiencing the same problem. If it is free why is there restriction on the file? Please assist we I needed to pull some files of Salesforce today.


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