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Extract file using soql query


After validating the product key successfully, following window will be opened. Click/choose ‘Export files from Salesforce’.

Step 2:

Once you click on ‘Export files from Salesforce’, then following window will open. Please enter your salesforce credentials and click on ‘Sign In’.

Step 3:

After login to Salesforce successfully, following screen will be opened automatically, here you need to provide inputs. Each section marked in red numbers has been described below –

  1. Choose whether you want to export Attachments, Salesforce Files, documents OR Static resources.
  2. Choose input type as ‘SOQL Query’. It is selected by default.
  3. Choose the objects for which you want to extract the Attachments OR salesforce Files. This option is available for Attachment and salesforce Files only.
  4. Choose the attachment/file name. By default ‘Real attachment names’ is selected and in this option real file will be extracted like acx,docx, abc.pdf, qwerty.jpg etc. If you want to export the files in the formate Salesforce exports the file using Data export wizard then choose, ‘Attachment Id’.
    Here you need to specify addition option, how to handle duplicates, by default, app will append attachment ID id duplicates are found. If you don’t want to import duplicates, then select ‘don’t import duplicates’.
  5. Choose the output folder on your local system where you want to save ‘Exported’ files from salesforce.

Step 4:

After entering all inputs, click on ‘Export Files/Attachments’ from Salesforce. Once you click on this button, a popup will be open displaying ongoing status information.

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