These compaines used this tool to export files, Attachments from Salesforce


SFDC File Exporter is Secured, Reliable and very powerful Tool to extract Salesforce Files, Documents & Attachements in its original format

Export Files, the way you want-

Export Files using SOQL query

You can specify 'SOQL' query to export files from salesforce. SFDC File exporter supports where clause also i.e. you can extract subset of files.

Export Files using CSV file

You can use CSV file as input containing Attachments IDs to export the attachments. One thing to note here - The first column in the CSV file must be the attachment ID.

Schedule SFDC File Exporter

This is one of the best feature which offers the capability to schedule this tool to export file automatically on periodic basis.

What Customers say about SFDC File Exporter ?

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